Who are we?


Since its founding in 1982, Fincas Turó focuses its work on offering personalized real estate intermediation services in sales and rental business.

We have specialized departments in each of the areas, in which a deep analysis is performed in every case. These departments work in order to provide maximum benefits to all parties involved in the process of sale and rental of:

  • Flats and apartments
  • Residential (houses and second homes)
  • Company (premises, offices and warehouses)

Among the services that the Fincas Turó offers to the seller are included:

  • Free appraisal by experts who get a result that is distinguished by its reliability.
  • Offer our database of potential buyers.
  • Tax advice derived from the action of sale.

In relation to the services we offer to the buyer are included:

  • Offer our product portfolio.
  • Financial advisory services in connection with the purchase.
  • Advice in urban issues.

With regard to the property rental, we offer the following services:

  • Free registration of the property in our database, and supply of them to the potential lessees.
  • We accompany both parts through the entire rental process.
  • We rent with maximum guarantees.
  • We offer property management services if requested by the owner.