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Are you selling or renting?

Sell or rent your property faster and at the best price. Relax and forget about everything. Turo offers more publicity, diffusion and arrival thanks to our wide commercial network

We value your property in 24h

Find out what’s your property value

Property Search

We help you to find the home you are looking for and we accompany you throughout the entire process

Design and renovations

We have a technical and industrial team to reform or renovate your property

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Locals, warehouses and offices

We are a real estate company, with deep knowledge and experience in online marketing

Corporate expansion

If you are growing, we advise you and find the best spaces

Corporate offices design

We design your new workspace and we customize it according to your needs

Assets management

Design of patrimonial strategy

We help you design and implement the best strategy in order to maximize the performance of your real estate assets

Management of real estate assets

Do not worry about anything. We take care of the whole process, from finding tenants to any administrative management

Urban planning advisory

Advisory on urban and municipal issues


Real estate consulting and investment

Urban development

Search for plots for real estate projects, real estate due diligence, market research and many other services. We accompany you during the whole process

Property investment

We find the real estate investment that suits better your needs, whether housing, locals, offices, warehouses or hotels

Golden Visa

We manage the process to get your Spanish residence

Legal advice

Tax advice

We advise you on any tax requirements you may have. In addition, we collaborate with many experts and especialists to give a professional and proven response


Tourist accommodation

Vacation property management

Flateli’s team is 100% focus to the manage vacational appartments, country side villas and hotels

Integral management

We take care of the end to end process. Getting vacational licenses, renovation licenses, welcoming guests and many others. Just enjoy your time, while your income keeps growing.

More profitability, efficiency and happy guests

This is the result of our management

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